Monday, May 17, 2010

For today, Monday May 17, 2010

Outside my window… rain is falling, usually I love the rain but our neighborhood tends to flood so I stress about that.

I am thinking… about all of the things that we've got going on in the next 2 and 3 weeks, lots of changes for our little family and I'm excited about that.

I am thankful for… friends who are there when you need them.

From the kitchen… well we just had dinner, spaghetti so right now nothing but I have butter softening for oatmeal cookies I plan to make in the morning.

I am wearing… sweatpants and a t-shirt but am going to get into pajamas in a few minutes.

I am creating… quite a few lists, I love making lists and have at least three going right now.

I am going… shopping on Wednesday, I'm in desperate need of summer clothes.

I am reading… 'Breaking Dawn' the final book of the Twilight series, I've actually never finished the book - I get 3/4 of the way done and stop because I don't want the series to end!!!

I am hoping… our street doesn't flood tonight but will be putting the car on the island just in case.

I am hearing… the dishwasher running.

Around the house… the day is winding down, kiddos are about to take a bath and begin getting ready for bed.

One of my favorite things… is my alone time at night - some days its what gets me through.

A few plans for the rest of the week.. cleaning out the bedrooms and organizing clothes for our vacation.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… I am actually sharing 2, the kids ran in the Armed Forces Kids Run on Friday and I want to share photos of each as they crossed the finish line. It was a very warm day as you can tell by the color of M's face, she was worn out!!!

M - 2 mile runner

J - 1/2 mile runner

Friday, May 14, 2010

Staying busy....

Its now only 10 days before the movers will be arriving so I've been staying very busy with cleaning and organizing. My hubby jokes that I'll be planning my own funeral eventually because I always plan EVERYTHING!!! I'm trying to make this move the least stressful that I can make it (is that even possible????) so I've got lists going, a time line on what to clean etc. With the moving out at the beginning of the week, sisters wedding at the end of the week and then a family vacation immediately after the wedding we've got ALOT going on!!! Thankfully I've gotten my bridesmaids dress already at the seamstresses, both girls have outfits picked out for the rehearsal and wedding, my gift for the wedding has been purchased and I've got a plan for everything else. Does anyone else plan or obsess over things nearly as much as I do?????

This weekend should be a good one - the little one has t-ball photos at 8am on Saturday UGH!!! and then immediately after a t-ball game. She's got a birthday party right after her game and then we have plans to go to the beach if the weather is nice. Sunday we are also planning on going to the beach - I desperately need some colors on my shoulders, got a nice farmers tan going right now.

The kiddos participated in a run at the local base, M ran 2 miles and J ran 1/2 mile - I am so proud of them!! I took a ton of photos and was busy cheering them on. M and I have found a ton of races down in Florida so we'll be out there together in just a few weeks. I have (stupidly???) signed for the Army 10 miler up in DC in the middle of October so I really need to get back out there wogging (running/walking).

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Its almost the perfect start to the weekend.....

This past week has been a bit trying, the oldest kiddo is having a rough time at school which makes me sad - no parent wants to hear their child say that they hate school and never want to go back. Thankfully I was able to meet with the teacher and Friday was a good day so the week ended on a positive note. Yesterday was a close friends birthday so we had a small party here - it was a tapas night which means we had lots of appetizers versus a big dinner. Things didn't wrap up until after 9pm and the kiddos weren't in bed and asleep until after 10pm, thank goodness we were able to sleep in this morning, I slept until 8:45am which almost never happens so I was very happy.

Today we've kept very busy - youngest had a tball game which was alot of fun, then I took the girls to see High School Musical at a local high school - we've seen the three movies too many times to count. We went to see Cinderella a few weeks ago at a different high school and the girls loved it, they love musical theater and it is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon. I then took the kids to Chick-fil-a so we could all get milkshakes - yummy. I say it was almost the perfect start to the weekend only because hubby isn't here to hang out with. We're in countdown mode to moving - less then a month to go, we're excited and nervous. There is alot to do in the next few weeks and with my sisters wedding the day after we turn over housing I'm jut a bit stressed. I just keep telling myself in 4 weeks we'll be heading on our family vacation and heading to our new home.