Sunday, April 25, 2010

Changes in life........

In just a few short weeks we will be moving to Florida, hubby is active duty military and the military says its time to relocate!!! I'm excited, nervous, anxious, sad, optimistic and heartbroken all at the same time - we have lived in the Virginia area for the past 11 years moving 5 different times within the state but never out of state. Between DC and Hampton Roads we've gotten into a moving rut, with this next assignment we thought things would be no different - 3 years since the last transfer means its time to head to DC again right???? Nope not this time Florida is where we'll be heading. Its not even Florida that's causing these emotions its the fact that my kids are 9 and 5 they have established strong friendships, are comfortable in school and love their teachers, they play on the sports teams with the same kids every season and now we are moving 600+ miles south. I've also got a very close group of friends that I can rely on for anything, they'll drop whatever is going on to help take care of kids, will run to the grocery store for meds if someone is sick and they're just good sounding boards when its time to complain/vent/share life. As I said before we've moved too many times but this time its just different. I know in Florida we'll meet new friends, get to know people and will be able to keep our current friendships going but I'm just sad about this move.

On the other hand I am excited, this move gives us a chance to explore a part of the country we've never been to. I am excited about starting fresh at a new base, getting into a new house and working to make it our home, starting a new job (maybe) and really looking forward to family togetherness. For the past 3 years my hubby has been on a ship which means he has been deployed or out to sea longer then he's been home with us. This new command is alot different - he'll be getting home as the kids get off the school bus in the afternoons and will have Fridays off, no weekend duty assignments and no more 24 hour watches. We have had so many dinners, weekends, months without him home that this will be a whole new adventure. The girls and I can not wait and honestly the family togetherness is something we need, crave and desire.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, Tuesday April 20, 2010

Outside my window… the sun is shining and the birds are chirping - I love spring.

I am thinking… about all of the things I need to do today, help youngest to clean the playroom, laundry, come up with a menu for the next 2 weeks and then a grocery list.

I am thankful for… my husband who works so hard to support our family.

From the kitchen… today there is nothing coming from the kitchen, we have a school function tonight and dinner is included.

I am wearing… a tshirt I earned for wogging (walking/jogging) a 5k in February and workout pants - hoping to take the little one on a bike ride.

I am creating… our plans for the family vacation we'll be taking at the end of May.

I am going… to be very busy around the house today, lots to do.

I am reading… a new cookbook - the Pionner Woman by Ree Drummond and thinking about all of the yummy foods I'd like to make.

I am hoping… we are able to enjoy the school function tonight, they are expecting alot of people and I don't like large crowds.

I am hearing… the washer/dryer going.

Around the house… things are fairly quiet, my oldest is at school and the youngest is cleaning up the playroom.

One of my favorite things… is in the evenings after the girls go to sleep I get a few hours to myself, I enjoy the quiet and peacefulness.

A few plans for the rest of the week.. we are all very excited that hubby is coming home to spend a long weekend with us - we have alot to do before the move so will be spending a day or two cleaning out bedrooms and trying to organize the house a bit.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… its my youngest at the beach last year as we were headed down to find crabs that scurry around at night.

Here we go....

First of all welcome to my blog. I've been a blog reader for the past three years or so and have even started my own blog or two but lack of ideas and followers have made those short lived. I plan on making this blog more of an all inclusive blog versus focusing on just one thing such as weight loss, family or finances. I welcome comments, hints, suggestions and opinions so please feel free to de-lurk. Enjoy.