Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I can't believe I haven't blogged since the end of July but then again the last few weeks have been CRAZY for my new family of three. Kiddos and I packed up our lives once again and have ventured north to Rhode Island, we've been living my parents for the past month which has gone surprisingly well. Actually my parents and I get along really well so I had no worries there but they've been child-free for the past five years or so and to be living with a 5 and 9 year old was going to be a transition. I've gotten over my need to do everything for the girls because physically that's not possible as a single mom, I've learned to accept the help from my parents and am grateful to them.

I will be honest this hasn't been the easiest transition though - we've gone from living a suburban lifestyle with lots of grass and trees and we are now city residents. I drove past the girls school and just sobbed but have learned not to judge a book by its cover, the outside leaves something to be desired but the administration and staff are incredible. The girls both are really enjoying school, the older one especially - the younger one has gone from 3 day a week preschool for 3 hours a day to full day kindergarten. I had an idea in my head of what our new apartment would look like and the first place I saw was just awful. Thankfully I have found the perfect place - its two bedrooms, nice size kitchen, large pantry, dining room, living room and bathroom. Its on the first floor of a three floor home and the upstairs neighbor lives half his time in NYC so that's great. The third floor is empty and its in a good area - no outside area for the kids but they're enrolled in soccer and girl scouts so I'm keeping them busy. We will be moving in on October 15th and can't wait!!!!!

I will try to post more often and update our lives but between the job search and taking care of the kids my computer time is limited.