Thursday, November 4, 2010

A tiring but amazing time in life.....

Big changes for our family of three - we moved into our new apartment three weeks ago and LOVING it!!!! Kiddos are sharing a room and that's working out incredibly well, its a nice size for the three of us and best of all our upstairs neighbors are nice and quiet - met one the other day, very cute fella.

Other big and amazing news - I'm now a full-time working Mom!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep I was offered a great job with a great company, I'm working in the accounts receivable department for a major company!! The hours couldn't be better - 8am - 4:30pm Monday thru Friday. I drop the girls at school at 7:30am and then drive 20 minutes to work, they're staying at school for after school and I'm back to pick them up at 4:50pm. I started last Monday and its going really well, I am starting to get to know people and the girls have transitioned very nicely into a new routine. I've actually worked three days of overtime which they're not fond of but gotta be done.

Unfortunately support from my soon to be ex was cut by $1000.00 this month, he said he was paying too much (3/5 of gross pay and housing is what the military recommends and that's what we agreed on). Anyway his bills are too much and so he changed his allotment for me. Not unexpected since he complained about the amount but luckily I was smart enough to have him sign a notarized document saying he agreed to pay x amount until legal proceedings can begin. My lawyer went to court on Tuesday so the amount should be put back to our agreed figured before the next payment is due. In the meantime I'll be working overtime to make up the shortfall. I'm incredibly blessed to have two amazing parents who are helping with pick ups from school and then feeding the kiddos dinner.

Tomorrow is a big day for our family - my baby is turning 6 years old!!!!!!!!!!! Time has just flown by!! She's told everyone she sees that Friday is her birthday, her teacher actually sent me a note inquiring about cupcakes because J has mentioned Mommy was bringing in cupcakes to share with her class. I am but it was funny she's told Mrs. K that many times. We're going to have new friends over and then walking down to an infamous pizza place for dinner and then back to our apartment for cake, ice cream and gifts.

Time to get things done, being a working Mom is tiring and I've still got a million things to do before I can relax!!!